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Planet Life

Planet Life offers nature- wildlife experiences and runs sustainable resorts in Goa.  Planet Life was created in the year 2008 (then Canopy Goa). Our resorts are designed to provide you with an up-close nature and wildlife experience.

We operate two properties in Goa, Nature’s Nest Goa, Serendip Goa and also offer nature and wildlife activities under the brand Planet Life Activities.


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Nature’s Nest

Nature’s Nest is a nature resort located in the Western Ghats in Goa. The resort is close to the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary. As comfortable and soothing stay you can experience here, it is also equally safe.  
The property has eco-friendly constructed cottages and covered in lush green trees and plants. Unclench yourself from the everyday errands with such clean and green resort experience. 

Serendip Goa

Serendip is a premium 4-bedroom, pet-friendly villa with a private pool. The greenery within the villa premises will mesmerize you and that's our promise. Located in the village of Talaulim near Ponda, it offers opportunities to explore Goa's hinterlands and village life while being just 10 minutes' drive from the facilities of a town.

Serendip Villa

Planet Life Foundation

Planet Life Foundation is a trust set up for our  wildlife conservation and stray animal aid  initiatives.  

PLF Foundation
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